Hakin9 – Best IT Security Magazine

Update 1 – 10 Aug,2009 : Whoa !! Just received my “FREE” copy of the ‘Best of Hakin9’. This blog post was an entry in their July competition. It’s been just 10 days and I return home from office to see the magazine on the table. That was awesome quick. Hat’s off to the Hakin9 team. The magazine content is also the nice. The topics I had been looking forward to especially Analyzing Malware (part 1-3) and Javascript De-obfuscation and many more have been included in this edition. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks guys !!

I’ve been a long time fan of the magazine “Hakin9” http://www.hakin9.org/en. For those who do not know what’s Hakin9, head over to their website for more information

In short, it’s an IT security magazine, with a strong focus on technical knowledge. Unlike other technical magazines, the content quality is amazing. It’s always informative and you end up learning quite a few things. Best of all the content is always very recent. For example, in the last issue (3/2009), they published articles on how to analyze malformed PDF and binaries. PDF based exploits are in the rage, now that Adobe has seen a few severe vulnerabilities.

Anyway, the current issue (4/2009) is out with the main article focusing on ERP security.

Hakin9 - 04/2009 - My ERP Got Hacked!

Other topics discussed are the recent Nokia’s ‘Silence’ malware, Automating malware analysis, creating self-signed certificate using OpenSSL and much more.
Visit http://hakin9.org/prt/view/about-the-mag/issue/1052.html for detailed information on the topics published.

Happy reading


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